Hypnosis when used by a skilled and experienced practitioner has a powerful wide ranging effect on many conditions The following list just touches the surface of what can be treated and I would encourage anyone who has a problem to phone/Email me for a no obligation assessment of their issue.


This usually take one session. Over the years my success rate has increased enormously as I have finely tuned a unique methodology based on WHAT WORKS. Don't delay let's break the habit today.


I have meet so many people who have become despairing of ever taking control of their weight . They have tried so many diets and spent sometimes thousands of pounds on the various slimming clubs/diet pills etc! And often turn to me as a last resort (actually I think I am just before surgery !) If I had a pound for every time I have heard the phrase “I wish I had come to you first” I would be a wealthy man . The bottom line is we all know what to do to lose weight but carrying it out consistently and permanently is the key. Hypnosis Is The Answer !


If you suffer from anxiety/lack of confidence then I really do empathise ! As a teenager I was so desperately anxious about everything and anything that it seriously affected the quality of my life. Indeed it was the search for relief from these torturous feelings that began my journey into the workings of the mind. Anxiety manifests itself in so many ways and is the root cause of many of the conditions I treat . Mental Health and physical well being are so interlinked that conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's Disease And Many Other Chronic Conditions can be helped by focussed hypnotic intervention. Having suffered from Anxiety Attacks as a young man myself I am acutely aware of how frightening and debilitating these can be. Hypnotic intervention is highly effective at tackling this problem and therefore allowing you to move on to a better quality of life.


What should be a fun and life enhancing part of our lives is sadly often a cause of great anxiety and tension between couples. Don’t suffer in silence ! Speak to me in complete confidence to discuss your issue and the various solutions available. You will be so glad you did.


As a keen sportsman and fan myself I have always been fascinated by sports performance and the role of the mind in optimum performance. I have had the privilege of working with professional sportsmen to finely tune their game and give them that all important edge! You don’t need to be a world beater to benefit from Hypnosis. Golfers Are You Frustrated By Your Lack Of Progress? Let me help -the results will amaze you! Indeed any sport can benefit from focussed intervention . Call me and see how you can progress.


Whether it be a driving test / Academic exams/ Fear of public speaking etc. Don’t let nerves rob you of your best possible performance. One session is often all that is required to relieve these problems.


You name it someone has a phobia about it. Phobias are irrational fears highly conducive to being resolved by one session of Hypnotherapy. They can wreak lives but are so easily dealt with. Whatever your phobia speak to me in confidence and we will be on our way to a solution. And if your worried that your Phobia sounds silly or are embarrassed then don’t worry its almost certain I have dealt with the problem before and all consultations are strictly confidential
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