Welcome to Maidstone Hypnotherapy. My name is Mike Haycox and I have been fascinated by the working of the mind for over 30 years. Maidstone Hypnotherapy is the culmination of working on positive change with thousands of clients finely tuning psychological techniques with one consideration in mind namely; WHAT WORKS ?


Having studied Psychology for 4 years during my university days(1981-1985) I was struck by the rigidity and limitations of common practices. Whilst it is obviously vital that all hypnotherapists have a solid psychological background please check before engaging one because so many haven’t ! The knowledge acquired by studying is just the starting point not an end in itself.

Following my degree I studied Hypnosis for 2 years and have spent the subsequent 20 years perfecting my techniques. Adopting psychological technique such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) along the way.

The questions I always ask are Does This Work Effectively? Does It Work Quickly? ( I.e. doesn’t involve undue expense to the client) and Are The Effects Permanent ?

Hypnosis like any tool is only as good as the person using it. I have numerous testimonials (always available on request) that speak clearly of my ability to work with clients to create change Effectively / Quickly / Permanantly !

Needless to say I am fully insured and copies of all my qualifications are available upon request.